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With rapid advances in automation of drilling rigs, customers play an ever
important role in drilling operations. An effective rig design is essential for

Maximum productivity safety and cost effectiveness. The drilling operation
 components are important in realizing the capacity of every drilling rig, in
working together with our customers to develop a drilling operation. Takes

a disciplined approach to specifications before building a drilling rig.





Our combined staff experience has been in business for more than 80 years

and has become one of the leading suppliers of products and services

for the oil field worldwide has proven its desire to succeed by providing

our customers with excellent pricing and service.


Our long tenure in the industry has resulted in our vendors having

confidence in our performance and excellent customer support Thus

are able to provide excellent expertise in sourcing materials in the industry.





GDRI Provides complete drilling rig up services. We are proud of our new

State of the art rig up facility. Our experienced team will expertly

assemble your drilling rig equipment, test and provide any necessary

modifications and changes to suit your specific unique drilling

program requirements.